Internal, External and C.O.R.

Audits are generally for company wide audits but can also be for project and worksite specific. They can also be set up to reflect the system we describe in the Inspection possibilities. In the defined fields of construction at the point of construction, and/or in the safety management system of the business administration office.

The length of an audit depends on the complexity and size of any firm: smaller firms may be significantly different than larger firms whose scope of work is significantly greater. Pyramid Safety ensures quality time management and thoroughness in its audit of your work processes. Providing a bulk cost is wrought with pit falls and financial instabilities unfair to both parties. We prefer superior accounting practices in time management and materials consumed in both hard and soft record generation and keeping.

When retaining you as a client for a field audit we assess your recording ability of the four corners of due diligence:

Information: valid sources and delivery systems and procedures that are the core values of your OH&S management system.
Instruction: how, why, when, where, and who communicates the safe work procedures defined in your OH&S program.
Education: what do your employees need to know in relation to their scope of work and how does their work interrelate with others.
Effective Communication: the skills necessary to deliver your expertise to the younger and/or less experienced workers ensuring they understand your scope of work and directives.

Pyramid Safety separates itself from its competitors by interviewing management and employees' on how your needs as a firm must perform so they can meet and/or exceed your existing OH&S performance. We translate their experiences in your systems, procedures, and safe work practices into a workable and understandable program, designed to evolve with changes to manufacturers’ products, safety legislation, and the firm’s scope of work.

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