Consulting is a form of sharing expertise, providing direction, and/or allowing for personal growth in knowledge in the construction process of supervision, and managing a construction business in the area of safety management processes. Communication is critical to any firms’ success, effective communication is what we try and foster to allow you our client to be successful and prosper. Ineffective communication can cause significant disruption in the work process and the additional unforeseen costs may create an air of inferiority to anyone and with various levels of experience.

Accident and Incident Investigations that are reportable require an investigation, documentation, and reporting process. If an accident or incident occurs that does not require notification to a governing body, a client may still wish for this process to be completed internally to be analyzed later by a safety committee.

If at any point a governing body initiates an order at a workplace that directly relates to the client, a letter of compliance must be generated to show proof of compliance to the issuing OH&S Officer, this falls under the consulting process; however, this can be in the contract agreement prior to client being retained


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